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Downhill Madness

{ Tuesday July 2nd, 2002 }

Nik on Thieves' Forest

It was 4am, Friday morning, June 14th. My hands and the kitchen floor were covered in DOT 4 brake fluid and in 12 hours I was supposed to be in Jackson, Wyoming to pick up Nik. I had been trying to bleed my brakes for what seemed like an eternity. As I pulled the brake lever to the bar I cursed to myself and decided to call it a night.

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Star-Crossed Lovers

{ Monday June 10th, 2002 }

I think there are some trails a person isn’t meant to ride. I’m not talking about trails that are on sensitive land, or that are too difficult. I am talking about trails that the fates have decided that a particular person should never ride. This does not mean that no one should ride them, just me. I think this is the problem I have been having with the Stone Creek trail in Bozeman MT. Like two star-crossed lovers we want to be together but something always keeps us apart.

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