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Montana to California – Part 9, Monteray CA

{ Thursday August 3rd, 2000 }

I am sorry that it has been so long since I updated this page. I had such a good time in California that I forgot to get back to it and I forgot to bring my camera with me to most places so I didn’t have many pictures either.

San Francisco was great. It was one of the highlights of the trip. I spent the two days I was there wandering around trying to soak it all in. I lucked out when it came to hotels. The first hotel I stopped at (the luxurious Super 8) had one room available for one night. I took because I didn’t feel like wondering the city with a full trailer. The room was small but neat. The window looked out over Lombard Street and the sounds of traffic sounded like those outside my room on Babcock St in Bozeman. In fact if I closed my eyes I could not tell that I was in the great city. I took a short nap and ventured out into the city. I climbed the “crookedest street” on Lombard and marveled at the tourists. I wondered how the people that lived there felt to be paying millions for their homes only to have dozens of tourist on their doorstep twenty-four/seven. I wandered with no specific direction in mind; just marveling to be in a city again I ended up at Fisherman’s wharf. A nice combination of working docks and tourist traps. I passed by all the shops, not stopping because I hate to shop alone. Saw a steel drum band that was very good. Felt buoyed by the capitalistic ideals of the punks who charged 2 dollars for “pictures with the freaks”. Saw the famous (I had never heard of them before) moving statures and wondered how long it took before they asphyxiated because their skin could not breathe. All these sites were wonderful to see. You may be wondering why I have no pictures of the sites on my site. I got sick of hauling everything I have with me. And I wanted to wander the city unencumbered by possessions so I left my camera and notebook and computer and bike and everything else at the hotel. It was wonderful to leave it all behind at the time but I must admit that I now wish I had taken some pictures. Ah well.

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Montana to California – Part 8, San Francisco CA

{ Tuesday July 11th, 2000 }

On the Golden Gate Bridge

I have been meeting more people on the road through California. It has been really nice because you get to travel with different people. I met up with James again and he introduced me to a guy named Tom from Boulder CO. I met Noah through them. He worked for Wilderness Trails Bikes located here in San Francisco.

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Montana to California – Part 7, Gold Beach OR

{ Thursday June 29th, 2000 }

This picture is not terribly interesting but it was my first view (on this trip) of the Pacific Ocean so I thought I would share it

From the beginning of this trip Vancouver B.C. has been my goal. A physical as well as a symbolic one. I feared that I would feel like a failure if I didn’t make it there. Well I am afraid that I won’t be making it to Vancouver. The reasons are many but there is one overwhelming cause . . . I am heading south.

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Montana to California – Part 6, Bend, OR

{ Friday June 23rd, 2000 }

Finally I have again entered the embracing arms of civilization. For the past week I have been riding in what seems to be the most desolate road in Oregon. Sometimes I would ride for fifty miles between towns only to find that the “town” I was looking for consisted of one house and a post office. I rode eighty miles the first day out of Ontario, not because I wanted to but because there was nowhere to stop.

Bend is a real town. I was able to get the broken spoke on my bike fixed and I had some best Thai food I have ever had. I also found a Japanese restaurant that had a great sushi special. It has been very nice to have a little rest. I was beginning to think that my butt had permanently bounded with the seat. This nomadic lifestyle is a little tiring. The ride to from Ontario to Bend was fairly uneventful. I settled into a nice rhythm so I was able to ride five to eight hours a day.

This part of Oregon is called ‘The High Desert’. I personally can attest to that. I spent many days climbing up very long hills and going down very short ones and it was HOT. But all that should be behind me now. Just a couple of more passes and I should be at the coast. I’ll be in more populated areas so I’ll try and get some stories to tell y’all.

Good Night and thanks for all the emails.
Sign signalling that I have entered the Pacific Time Zone

Montana to California – Part 5, Ontario, OR

{ Saturday June 17th, 2000 }

Mountain side road to Emmett ID
On June 11 I rode out of Ketchum. It wasn’t bad. I rode on a bike path for the first couple of miles. I napped on the side of the road for a little while. The galena pass was ahead but by the time I realized I was on the pass I was almost over it. As I rolled down the other side the weather started to deteriorate. By the time I got to the campsite I was soaked despite my rain gear.

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Montana to California – Part 4, Ketchum ID

{ Saturday June 10th, 2000 }

I’m still in Ketchum. Nik B. and Colin came up from Jackson to do some mountian biking. There is not a lot for me to say about the last couple of days. The Ketchum area is a great mountian biking spot. There are trails everywhere. We stopped in a shop called Formula Sports to get the lowdown on some good trails and I must say we were not dissappointed. The trails around here are smooth and fast. The views are incredible. I’ll just show you the pictures. . . .

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Montana to California – Part 3, Idaho

{ Tuesday June 6th, 2000 }

Nik Blaskovich working on a bike
I am writing to y’all from Ketchum ID and the world’s smallest hotel room. I am waiting for Nik to show up for a few days of mountain biking. It has been a while since I updated the site so I will start from the beginning from the last time I updated . . . Jackson WY.

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Montana to California – Part 2, Jackson, WY

{ Tuesday May 30th, 2000 }

Kristofer Yahner next to the first Continental Divide signThe first leg has been completed!

Kristofer Yahner next to the second Continental Divide signDay 2(May 27) was good. I rode from Old Faithful to Colter Bay, a distance of 59 miles. It was a good day. It started out with medium size hills in the morning. I ended up crossing the continental divide three times that day.
Kristofer Yahner next to the third Continental Divide sign

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Montana to California – Part 1

{ Friday May 26th, 2000 }

Kristofer Yahner on bike leaving for my trip outside of Yellowstone gateFinally I have departed. With only a few minor difficulties (I forgot to bring my favorite green socks) I was able to leave West Yellowstone this morning.The rain did not defeat my good spirits, but I was a little perturbed when the sun came out and I started baking in my rain gear.

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