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Midwest Freeride Community

{ Monday March 3rd, 2008 }

mfclogo.jpgI was recently approached to help build a website for a new advocacy group that is just getting off the ground. The group is “Midwest Freeride Community” and it was conceived by Adam Buck and Tony Benusa. With these two guys on the job I think it will be a banner year for freeride and gravity events in Minnesota and the Midwest.


27 Days of Whistler Links

{ Wednesday September 20th, 2006 }

In the lead up to our trip to Whistler in August, I sent out an email everyday to my traveling companions. The daily emails contained links that were related to biking in Whistler in some way. Here are those links:

27 Days
NSMB Whistler Message Board
26 Days
Whistler Diaries
25 Days
NSMB Image Search
(This link is no good anymore)
24 Days

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