Montana to California – Part 6, Bend, OR

{ Friday June 23rd, 2000 }

Finally I have again entered the embracing arms of civilization. For the past week I have been riding in what seems to be the most desolate road in Oregon. Sometimes I would ride for fifty miles between towns only to find that the “town” I was looking for consisted of one house and a post office. I rode eighty miles the first day out of Ontario, not because I wanted to but because there was nowhere to stop.

Bend is a real town. I was able to get the broken spoke on my bike fixed and I had some best Thai food I have ever had. I also found a Japanese restaurant that had a great sushi special. It has been very nice to have a little rest. I was beginning to think that my butt had permanently bounded with the seat. This nomadic lifestyle is a little tiring. The ride to from Ontario to Bend was fairly uneventful. I settled into a nice rhythm so I was able to ride five to eight hours a day.

This part of Oregon is called ‘The High Desert’. I personally can attest to that. I spent many days climbing up very long hills and going down very short ones and it was HOT. But all that should be behind me now. Just a couple of more passes and I should be at the coast. I’ll be in more populated areas so I’ll try and get some stories to tell y’all.

Good Night and thanks for all the emails.
Sign signalling that I have entered the Pacific Time Zone


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