Montana to California – Part 2, Jackson, WY

{ Tuesday May 30th, 2000 }

Kristofer Yahner next to the first Continental Divide signThe first leg has been completed!

Kristofer Yahner next to the second Continental Divide signDay 2(May 27) was good. I rode from Old Faithful to Colter Bay, a distance of 59 miles. It was a good day. It started out with medium size hills in the morning. I ended up crossing the continental divide three times that day.
Kristofer Yahner next to the third Continental Divide sign

I felt good on the hills, but coming down was a different story. I was excited to be at the top and I was feeling the need for speed as it were. I felt a little unstable with the trailer but I thought I could handle it. As I hit 35mph or there abouts the trailer started to shake violently. I grabbed the brakes and tried to regain control. I thought I was going to have to ditch the bike. Not really a prospect that I was looking forward to. But as I am blessed and invincible I was able to regain control before anything disastrous happened.

The rest of the day progressed pretty uneventfully. I met my Dad at the Grant Village and had lunch. The last hill into Teton National Park almost did me in. It was a very small hill, but I have a very big trailer. Made it safely and hit the grocery store for some much needed ice cream. Set up camp. I was determined to sleep in the hammock so I set it up and took a short nap. Ah bliss. I knew that I was carrying that thing for a reason.

WaterfallsThe hiker/biker sites were right next to the group sites and evidentially some one was having a party. They played the same oldies CD over and over and over. At first I was cool with it because they were playing that song “Tell Laura I love her” and what exclamation of true love is better than that. The boyfriends enters a car race to get enough money to buy his girlfriend a ring, but he crashes and his dieing words are “tell Laura I love her”. By the third time I heard the song I thought that if the boyfriend hadn’t been such a lazy bastard he could have gotten a job and earned some money to buy a ring, by the fourth time I decided that if Laura hadn’t been such a materialistic bitch than her boyfriend wouldn’t have had to enter such a dangerous race to get her money. By the fifth time I decided that I hate that song.

Lady surronded by Birds

As I got ready for bed it started to rain, I got the tent up and everything inside of it, but I still wanted to sleep in the hammock. It is so much comfier than the ground. I lay in the falling drops for a few minutes but they were only increasing in frequency. So I headed into the tent. There I was treated to nature’s light show, but since the tent has no windows pretty much all I could see was the tent lighting up every once in while. Cool the first couple of times but then . . . Also the flashes were not in sync with the music on my walkman so I would have to conclude that nature light show needs a little work .

Day 3 (May 28) Rode from Colter Bay to Jackson. Today I rode in the shadow of the Teton mountians. They were beautiful. Other than that the day was mediocre. Traffic was bad. RVs and big pickups suck. Had headwinds almost all day and it took me half the day just to figure out where I was. IN the middle of the day, my knee started hurting. I have never had that happen before. As long as I didn’t stop riding and let it get stiff I was alright. Today it is swollen and sore. I might have to go see a doctor. Anyway it sucks.

The Tetons


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