Nomad Envy

{ Sunday January 7th, 2007 }

A couple of members of the crew came down with a bad case of Nomad envy. The Jackaolpe and El Toro did the only thing they could. They got a couple of new bikes themselves.

The source of the envy outbreak



Dropping the Nomad

The Jackalope’s Iron Horse 6Point

The Jackalope’s out for some unscheduled downtime so he bought himself a rehab bike.

Iron Horse 6Point

6Point linkage detail

Iron Horse Head Badge

More photos and commentary at and

El Toro’s Versus Blitz II

Look for El Toro to sport Versus team colors in ’07

Versus Blitz II

Blitz II linkage detail

Rob putting the new Blitz II throught it's paces

More photos and commentary at

All 6Point and Blitz II photos by Nik Blaskovich


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