Dirt Jum . . um . . Snow Jum. . no . . Snirt Jumping

{ Sunday December 2nd, 2007 }

Tony called me last night and told me that the Sunday session was still on. A little snow on the jumps doesn’t keep us down in Minnesota. Buck pulled himself out of his sick bed to shoot some video.

Digging out the jumps took a surprisingly short amount of time with Tony and I shoveling and Buck buffing everything out with the broom. I broke a personal record when on the first run I clipped a pedal and went over the bars on the run-in to the first jump. Bruised, pissed and limping with a swollen knee, I got back on the bike and eventually hit the whole line but the fall knocked me off my game and I spent most of the day taking pictures.

Tony stepped up and killed it for the cameras. The whole thing worked out much better than I expected. Here’s to more winter jumping sessions!


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