Montana to California – Part 8, San Francisco CA

{ Tuesday July 11th, 2000 }

On the Golden Gate Bridge

I have been meeting more people on the road through California. It has been really nice because you get to travel with different people. I met up with James again and he introduced me to a guy named Tom from Boulder CO. I met Noah through them. He worked for Wilderness Trails Bikes located here in San Francisco.

driv thru treeThe first day I met Tom, James and I were having dinner in a cafe. The three of us decided to push on to a campsite with showers that was located 20 miles away even though it was eight o’clock. As the sun was setting over the ocean we came around a bend to find over a hundred RVs parked next to the beach. There were tents set up and people were riding motorcycles on the beach. Tom asked some guy in an RV want was going on and he responded, ” Whadda you? A cop?” We asked a couple of other people and got a similar response. Deciding that this was a giant cult gathering we continued to the campsite. By the time we got there, it was dark. We couldn’t find the showers that we had worked so hard to get to but by that time I was more concerned with sleeping. Over the next couple of days I ran into those guys on and off. Traveling with James is entertaining. Where ever he goes people practically mob him to get a look at his motorized trike.

bike next to a redwood

My route took me to the redwood forest. It was a wonderful ride. The road I took was called the Avenue of the Giants, which I believe to be one of the best-named roads I have ever been on. The road meanders through Redwood National Forest for thirty miles. Along the way are little tourist towns. I stopped at one such tourist trap to see the “Drive Thru Tree”. It was about the fifth drive thru tree I had seen advertised. For a buck fifty I got to go into an area the size of my backyard in Bozeman and see the drive thru tree, the “drive on log” (a fallen log that had been cut in half with a ramp and asphalt added), and a children’s play house that had be carved out of a tree. It was worth every penny I paid, but not a cent more.

James and TomAs I got closer to San Francisco I noticed that the restaurants and stores got a little more trendy and expensive. For three days I woke up craving a bacon and eggs breakfast and for three days I couldn’t find a place that served breakfast or that served breakfast with meat. I finally found it in S.F. but I had to pay ten dollars for it.

James' TrikeSo now I am in San Francisco. I came in over the golden gate bridge. The bridge has walkways on either side of the bridge and on weekends on side is open only to cyclists. After I got off the bridge I was a little lost. I didn’t have a map of the city and I didn’t know exactly where to go to get a hotel. Following signs for the downtown I ended up taking 101 into the city. Six lanes of traffic and no shoulder. It was a little hectic but I made it safely to Lombard Street and found a hotel. San Francisco has been great but I will talk about that in the next episode.

The Golden Gate Bridge

A strange tree

bike in a redwood


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