Whistler Recap and more Pictures

{ Monday August 13th, 2007 }

Just got finished with a great week in Whistler. We didn’t have the greatest weather for picture taking but the trails were in great condition despite some slickness. This trip, like all trips to Whistler wasn’t without carnage. Buck went through a couple of wheelsets. Thor blew up his rear shock and ended up buying a brand new bike. Pete broke a frame and had to rent a bike the last day. I left a good portion of the skin from my back on the trail as a penalty for brake checking before the wooden booter creek gap on Dirt Merchant. Daryl ejected off the 4X course and landed all the way over on the dual slalom. JJ almost lost a couple of fingers due to the cold and Brandon cracked the lowers on his 888 due to overtightened pinch bolts. But the “Crash of the Week” award goes to Scott who fell about 6 feet to his head off of the rock wall ride on Golden Triangle and concussed himself hard enough to forget the whole thing. He kept asking us the same questions over and over for about 20 minutes. It would have been funny if it hadn’t been so scary. OK, it was pretty funny.
Pete on Side TrackDaryl on Side TrackPete on Golden TrianglePete on Freight TrainScottThor on Freight Train


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