New Trail at Keystone – Evenflow

{ Monday July 30th, 2007 }

On Sunday I got a chance to ride Evenflow, the new trail at Keystone. This trail has been highly anticipated because it provides a bypass for part of Wild Thing. Not that Wild Thing isn’t a great trail, but it’s a tough trail and riding it every run can be a little brutal.

Evenflow is a great little trail. It’s got some steep, twisty parts up top, wood switchbacks in the middle and a rock jump at the end. My only complaint is about the placement of some of the grip tape on the woodwork. In a couple of sections the grip tape was placed immediately entering and exiting a turn but there is no tape at the apex of turn when you are leaning you bike the most and those 2x4s can get very slippery when wet. But overall it’s a great trail and a great addition to the park. Keystone keeps getting better and better.

Start of new trail, EvenflowNew Trail - EvenflowNew Trail - EvenflowSome of the new woodwork on Evenflow\Rock ride on EvenflowRock jump at the end of Evenflow


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